The Kogylnichanu variety is considered one of Moldova’s most valuable walnut varieties. It is resistant to frost and drought. The tree is medium-sized, the shape of the crown is rounded, raised. It is characterized by early entry into fruiting for 3−4 years after planting and a rapid increase in yield.
The variety is protogenic. Female flowers bloom for a long time. The type of fruiting is mixed, the ratio of lateral and apical buds is 30/70%. The nuts are large, the fruit weight is 10.8 — 12.5 g, cylindrical in shape. The shell is thin, strong, smooth, straw-yellow, well filled. The core is large, white, and separates entirely. The yield of the kernel is 50−53% of the weight of the fruit, has an excellent taste.
The use of 2 pollinators gives a good result, for example, Moldovan Lateral + Kazaky or Trifanov Lateral + Yarivetsky/F26 Universal Rootstock. At high humidity, it can affected by brown spotting. According to agrotechnical signs, it is a worthy match for Peschansky. The combination of these varieties provides a conveyor of flowering and maturation of the future garden.

Type of fruiting: Mixed

Planting scheme: 8x10

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