Falesti Lateral

A frost-resistant variety that begins to bear fruit quickly, even in harsh conditions, gives a good harvest. The tree is medium-sized, the crown shape is spherical. The angle of departure of skeletal branches is 60−90 °C.
Enters into fruiting in the first 3−4 years. The type of fruiting is mixed, lateral buds are at least 45%. The type of flowering is protogenic. Female flowers bloom 2−3 days earlier than male ones. The fruits are large, more than 15 g. The kernel yield exceeds 50%.
The winter of 2011−2012 with a decrease to -32°C in February was endured without consequences.
Pollinators: Kazaky, Redinsky Polnyy, Moldovan Lateral, Trifanov LateralT, Ovata.

Type of fruiting: Mixed

Planting scheme: 8x8

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