6-VT (Redinsky polnyy)

Redinsky Polnyy is a lateral variety of a new generation. It suffers relatively little from winter thaws and spring frosts. The tree is medium-sized, the crown shape is rounded, raised, the leader is usually absent. The angle of departure of skeletal branches is more than 45%. Entry into fruiting for 3−4 years. The type of fruiting is mixed, the ratio of lateral and apical buds is 55/45%. The crown is formed compactly, which is suitable for dense gardens. The fruit is larger than that of the Peschansky.
The kernel yield is 50%. A characteristic feature of the variety is almost 100% fulfillment of fruits. The yield is consistently high. Fruit ripening is late. The type of flowering is protogenic, female flowers bloom first. Flowering time is average. The winter of 2011−2012 with a decrease to -32°C in February was endured without consequences.
Pollinators: Moldovan Lateral, Trifanov Lateral.
*The variety is protected by a patent. Reproduction without the permission of the originator (author of the variety) is not allowed.

Type of fruiting: Mixed

Planting scheme: 8x8

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