It has a high content of biologically active iodine, which is an undoubted advantage of this variety. The variety was found in the vicinity of Kurchatov, Kursk region by Igor Vladimirovich Korpunkov.
The tree is medium-sized, the crown shape is wide-pyramidal. The type of fruiting is mixed, a combination of lateral and apical buds 35/65%. The type of flowering is protogenic. Female flowers bloom first, the flowering time is mid-early. The fruit is medium-sized, conical in shape. The kernel yield exceeds 45%.
The color of the core is amber. Taste has a pronounced nutty aroma. The maturation period is average.
Pollinators: F-26 Universal Rootstock, Moldovan Lateral, Trifanov Lateral.
The location behind the 50th parallel indicates the high winter hardiness of the variety.

Type of fruiting: Mixed

Planting scheme: 10x12

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