It has dense wood, which gives it special resistance to winter frosts and extreme temperatures (no damage was observed at -32 °C). The tree is strong-growing, with a highly rounded, dense crown. Entry into fruiting for 4−5 years. The type of fruiting is apical, fruits are formed on the tops of annual growth. The variety is protogenic. The pistillate flowers bloom 6−7 days earlier than the staminate ones. The planting density ranges from 85 to 100 trees/ha.
This walnut variety can adapt to a wide variety of lands, but is sensitive to late spring frosts. Nuts of medium size, weight more than 12 g, cylindrical shape. The shell is of medium thickness, dense, smooth. The kernel is straw-yellow, fills the inside of the fruit well, makes up about 60% of their weight. Fruiting period is not expressed. Resistance to marsoniosis is above average.
Pollinators: Moldovan Lateral, Trifanov Lateral, F26 Universal Rootstock.

Type of fruiting: Apical

Planting scheme: 10x12

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