Trifanov Lateral

A frost-resistant variety that begins to bear fruit quickly even in harsh conditions. The tree is strong-growing, the crown shape is spherical. The angle of departure of skeletal branches is 45 -60 °. Enters into fruiting in the first 3−4 years. The type of fruiting is mixed, the ratio of apical and lateral buds is 65/35%. The type of flowering is protoandric. Female flowers bloom later. The fruits are large.
The kernel yield exceeds 55%. The kernel is oily, has an amazing taste. The fruit ripening period is average.
Pollinators: Chernovitsky 1, Kodrene.
The winter of 2011−2012 with a decrease to -32°C in February was endured without consequences.

Type of fruiting: Mixed

Planting scheme: 10x12

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