A high-yielding variety that regularly bears fruit and is not susceptible to various diseases. The tree forms a large crown. Fruits are formed on the apical and lateral buds.
The weight of the fruit is 10.6-12.8 g. The shell is thin, easily crushed. The internal partitions are thin, and easily separated from the kernel. The yield of the kernel is 50.7-54.6% of the weight of the fruit. The kernel contains 68.42-70.8% fats, 15.85-16.86% proteins, 7.02-9.37% sugars, 0.38-0.43% organic acids, 0.53-0.64% tannins, 0.66-0.8% pectins. The shooting ripeness of the fruits comes in Moldova in mid-September.
Pollinators: S-56.7, Moldovan Lateral, Trifanov Lateral.

Type of fruiting: Mixed

Planting scheme: 8x8

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