Philip Litra

The Philip Litra variety will nicely complement the line of large-fruited varieties President, First Lady, Ovata, Long van Lod, and decorate your garden. A unique variety, found in the village of Izvor, Floresti district, Moldova, by Philip Grigorievich Litra. The tree is medium-sized. The shape of the crown is pyramidal. The angle of departure of skeletal branches is more than 45%. Enters into fruiting on the 3rd to 4th year. Fruits are formed on 1−2-3 lateral buds in close proximity to the terminal bud. The type of flowering is protoandric, male flowers bloom first. The fruits are large, more than 15 g. The yield of the kernel is 47%, which is rare for especially large nuts. The kernel is extracted whole and has a honey-yellow color. The taste is excellent.
Pollinators: Kogylnichanu, Chernovitsky 1. VT — 10.
The winter of 2011−2012 with a decrease to -32°C in February was endured without consequences.

Type of fruiting: Mixed

Planting scheme: 10x12

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