Chandler (Amiran)

It is an American variety; the seedlings are from Greece. A low-growing tree with a pyramidal crown. If cultivation is planned without irrigation and with low soil fertility, an 8 x 10 m planting pattern is best. If there is good soil fertility, irrigation and crown control are organised, an 8 x 6 or 6 x 4 m planting pattern is possible. It begins lateral fruiting in its third year. 70% of the fruit comes from lateral buds of annual growth. Male flowers bloom first, female flowers bloom much later.
Pollinizers: VT-10, Fernor, Ivarto.
The average weight of the fruit is 13 g, of which the kernel accounts for 42%. The fruit ripens late, almost the whole kernel is 'butterfly', the kernels are of excellent quality. The 'Green Cone' phase starts at the end of April and the female flowers blossom towards the mid-May. This can be considered an advantage of the variety as it minimises the possible impact of late-spring frosts.
Chandler is a heat-loving variety that needs a sum of active temperatures of 4,200-4,600 degrees. If this indicator is less than 4,000, the fruit will be affected: it will become smaller and the kernel yield will reduce (to no more than 40 %). Even a slight frost will be able to damage the plant, the growth will not mature. The variety is not frost-resistant: if temperatures in the area regularly fall below -16-18 degrees Celsius, planting is not recommended.

Type of fruiting: Lateral

Planting scheme: 8x10

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