Kodrene is characterized by high winter hardiness, which, along with late flowering dates, allows it to be grown in extreme climatic conditions. Highly resistant to frost, tolerates low temperatures in -32 °C and even -35 ° C without much damage.
The tree is strong-growing with a massive crown, the branching angle is 65°-75°. Budding occurs 4−5 days later compared to the varieties of the average time of budding. Female flowers bloom in late April — early May. Female flowers appear in buds that have not yet fully opened, which partly protects them from spring frosts.
The type of fruiting is mixed, the ratio of lateral and apical buds is 30/70%. The fruits are large, conical in shape, with a beak, each weighing more than 17 g. The kernel yield exceeds 50%. The shell is relatively thin 1.4 mm., it splits easily. The kernel is brownish-yellow in color, contains 69.5% fat. It is also resistant to anthracnose and pests.
Pollinators: Trifanov Lateral, Yarivsky, Kogylnichanu, Peschansky.

Type of fruiting: Mixed

Planting scheme: 10x12

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