First Lady

The First Lady together with the President will be the perfect decoration for your garden and will bring an excellent harvest. The tree is strong-growing, the crown shape is spherical. The angle of departure of skeletal branches is more than 45%. Entry into fruiting for 4−5 years.
The type of flowering is photogenic. First, the female flowers bloom. The fruit is very large — over 20 g, with elongated shape. The kernel yield exceeds 40%. The core of an amazing taste with a typical nutty aroma. Fruit ripening is late.
The ideal pollinator is the President, he and the First Lady are mutually pollinated in theory, but this happens rarely.
The winter of 1994, with a temperature drop to -34°C, and the winters of 2011−2012, with a temperature drop to -32°C in February, were endured without consequences.

Type of fruiting: Apical

Planting scheme: 10x12

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