15-VT-Teacher Memory

A hybrid of controlled pollination of the American variety VINA-mother and Trifan Lateral, which made it possible to combine the phenomenal ability of VINA to load in any conditions with the winter hardiness of Trifan lateral. It is prone to overload, and good agrotechnology and watering are needed to preserve the harvest. A backup option is to remove part of the ovaries 8−10 days after flowering. The tree is compact, the crown shape is rounded-pyramidal, raised. The fruit is medium-sized, conical in shape. The kernel yield exceeds 54%, 70% if kernel is butterfly. The core is amber in color with a typical nutty aroma and a high oil content. The maturation period is average. By the nature of flowering, it belongs to the group of proto-alexandric varieties. Male flowers bloom first.
Pollinators: Miroslava, Chernovitsky 1.
The winter of 2011−2012 with a decrease to -32°C in February was endured without consequences. The ability of the variety for abundant fruit setting allows minimizing the risks from late spring frosts

Type of fruiting: Mixed

Planting scheme: 10x12

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