A versatile, drought-resistant, heat-resistant and winter-hardy variety, suitable for processing and fresh consumption. It is the most propagated, basic variety in Moldova at the moment. The tree is medium-sized with a pyramidal crown. The angle of departure of skeletal branches is 30−80%. The type of fruiting is mixed, the ratio of lateral and apical buds is 30/70%. The type of flowering is protogenic. First, female flowers bloom, the flowering period is April 27 — May 12, which makes it possible to get away from early spring frosts. The variety is partially self-fertile. The nut is large, the shell is thin, dense. The kernel completion rate is 85%. The separability of the core is easy, the core yield is above 60%. It is distinguished by an exceptionally pleasant dessert taste and straw-yellow color of the fruits, which gives them a good marketable appearance. The use of 2 pollinators gives a good result, for example, Moldovan Lateral + Kazaky or Trifanov Lateral + Yarivetsky/F26 Universal Rootstock. It is also resistant to anthracnose and pests. At -30 °C, only the tops of unripe shoots froze.

Type of fruiting: Mixed

Planting scheme: 8x8

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