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Selected varieties of frost-resistant walnut

Individual selection of seedlings for different climatic zones

Frost-resistant varieties of seedlings specifically bred to grow in harsh climatic zones

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We specialize in testing varieties and forms of walnuts in the Baltic climatic zone. Our nursery was the first one in Latvia to successfully cultivate Moldovan seedlings, although it was previously thought to be impossible. Now, we want to share our knowledge with all walnut growers of our region and beyond


Знакомство с грецким орехом

We select and supply seedlings from Moldova and other regions for anyone interested in planting this wonderful tree next to their home



We will help you in the selection of walnuts varieties that can grow in a cold climate, as well as answer all questions that may arise during the first few years of growing




We support our clients for two years after the delivery of seedlings because this time is the most important for the proper cultivation of a walnut orchard

Climate is the main factor determining the development of plants

Therefore, it is necessary to study the climatic conditions of the region even before creating a walnut orchard


The Moldavian seedlings that we offer were obtained from a talented breeder who has dedicated over 50 years to the walnut — Nikolay Fedorovich Kiktenko. He has developed unique proprietary varieties and forms resistant to drought, low temperatures, and diseases, which will delight you even in the harsh climate of the Baltics.

At the same time, there are also local walnut varieties growing in the Baltic states that fruit successfully, maintain good quality, and have an unmatched taste, like any other product grown in northern latitudes. In our plant nursery we work with such varieties as well.

The preliminary results are auspicious, and we believe that the seemingly unattainable goal of creating a productive walnut orchard in the Baltic states is becoming closer.

Even with the most basic calculations, with a yield of 1.5 tons per hectare, one hectare can bring in € 1000 in net profit, while wheat and other grains produce around € 500. Moreover, a walnut orchard will stay with you and your family for many years, and you can’t put a price on that.

Walnut seedling

Walnut is a treasure trove of minerals

Nutrients perform hundreds of roles in the body, healing diseases and prolonging life

Treats insomnia, depression and migraines

Reduces the risk of diabetes

Prevents liver damage

Strengthens brain health

Reduces the risk of heart disease

Restores cognitive functions

Strengthens the thyroid gland and the immune system

Promotes the production of healthy cholesterol




Drip irrigation


In addition to walnuts, we also specialize in growing roses. Visit our website where we offer unique varieties of roses for your garden.

By purchasing roses and walnuts from us, you will create a wonderful combination of beauty and nutritious fruits in your garden.

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