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Additional services

Services for drip irrigation installation, garden planning, and layout. We provide consultations on any questions concerning walnut growing as well

How to choose walnut seedlings correctly?

Consider the following factors:

Soil quality

Proximity of groundwater

Climatic conditions of your region

The type of garden you prefer: traditional or intensive

Your resources — financial capabilities and time you can devote to the walnut garden cultivation

Planting area and desired number of seedlings

The most important thing when buying seedlings is to consider all the conditions of your garden

About walnut seedlings

It is necessary to order seedlings in advance. For example, if you decide to plant a garden in the fall, you need to place an order by the end of February so that the nursery can graft and dig up a ready seedling for you in October.

The best time for autumn planting in the Baltics is October-November, but the walnut tree tolerates planting  in December-January well if the air temperature is above zero.

Seedlings can also be ordered in spring, in which case the planting period is April. In this case, you need to place an order by the end of February so that we can ship you the prepared planting material in March.

Our nursery sells seedlings in containers, so that they can be planted at any time from May to October

Consultations on the drip irrigation installation

Drip irrigation can be a costly endeavor, but it yields amazing results and significantly accelerates the fruiting period

We use a watering system that provides each tree with an optimal water regime, which is especially important in the first years after planting

We use the simplest possible solution, which requires minimal costs. The structure consists of PVC hoses placed on the ground along a row of seedlings and capillary holes with pressure compensators. The source of water supply depends on the garden conditions. A small computer (costs up to € 200) is connected to the system, where you can set the time and days of watering

As a result, each tree receives the required amount of water at a given time, and you no longer need to water your growing garden manually

Garden layout and planning

The choice of layout and planning for plantings depends on the type of garden you have chosen

However, the productivity of each specific garden also depends on the correct layout and selection of suitable seedlings that can grow in your farm. We provide individual consultations on these and other issues that will help you better understand your garden and get the maximum walnut yield

As we have already mentioned, there are two types of gardens — standard and intensive. They differ in tree planting schemes. In the Baltic States, the standard garden is more common, as it uses traditional walnut varieties that grow well in our climate. No one in our region has yet planted intensive gardens, and our farm is doing it for the first time. Breeders have yet to bring out suitable varieties and forms for our climate.

Consultations on walnut growing

We are happy to provide consultations to anyone interested in growing walnuts on the following topics:

Selection of the variety and pollinator

Irrigation, drip irrigation installation

Selection of walnut seedlings for your garden

Stem and crown formation, green operations

Requirements for the area allocated for walnut cultivation

Walnut diseases

Planting schemes and garden planning

Preparing the garden for winter

Seedlings planting and tying techniques

Storage of seedlings during the winter period

Fertilization, soil treatment during the growing season

Receiving state subsidies for walnut cultivation

General consultation: Do you need a walnut tree? Steps to be taken for amateur or commercial walnut farming

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